Kurt Cobain’s Widow Courtney Love Repeats The Heartbreaking Story Behind Britney Spears’ Conservatorship

Hole’s successful frontwoman and retired successful musician and Kurt Cobain’s widow, Courtney Love, recently posted a series of photos on her Instagram account and recalled the time in 2010 when she spoke up about the traumatic events that she believes Britney Spears has been through and got slammed by the media.

Back in February 2021, Britney’s fans all over the world teared up after watching ‘Framing Britney Spears’ which was produced by The New York Times. Upon watching the documentary, Love showed her support for the world-famous pop star by posting a photo saying ‘We are sorry, Britney.’ As you may recall, 2007 was a challenging year for Britney Spears as she had her infamous breakdown after which she was put under a conservatorship helmed by her father, Jamie Spears.

In 2010, Courtney Love had made some bold claims about what was going on in the Spears household. She had claimed that Jamie Spears has been sexually assaulting Britney since she was 10 years old and stated that she acquired this information through a relative of Brtiney, Jessica Spears, who said that she too was molested by them.

These statements led to a lot of backlash against Courtney Love but it seems like she felt the need to repeat them before the next court hearing over Britney Spears conservatorship which is set for Tuesday, April 24. It looks like Love has found more supporters to her claims after eleven years, as she received numerous comments from Britney Spears fans who applauded her for her bravery.

Here’s what the article said:

“I don’t even know where to start. Courtney’s tweets jump around from bitching about the restraining order against her from her daughter to Jamie Spears raping Britney since age 10, to a conspiracy that the same woman overseeing Britney’s conservatorship is doing the same thing to her with her daughter Frances Bean.

In one of her tweets she also STILL claims Britney isn’t allowed to use the ‘net’ or the ‘phone.’ Britney was just seen talking on her cell phone two days ago while test driving a Maserati.

She then goes on to state that Jessica Spears (a relative of Britney, I assume) told her Britney AND Jessica have been molested since age 10 by Jamie Spears (WOW!) but that Jessica wants to be paid for her story. Uhuh, of course she does. I know when I’m concerned for my relative, I often ask for cash to help them out.”

This is what was written in NY Daily News and can be seen in the last photo that Love posted:

“Reps for Britney Spears and her father, Jamie, are brushing off Courtney Love’s recent claim that Jamie molested Brit as a girl. But one British tabloid is not. We hear the London paper has opened its checkbook to a female member of the Spears family who contends she can back up Love’s allegation. Spears spokeswoman Louise Taylor denies anyone in the family is talking and tells us: ‘We’re not commenting on Courtney Love or any aliens who might come to Earth to impregnate people.'”

Here’s what Courtney Love said in the caption of her post:

“‘We’re not commenting on Courtney Love, or any aliens who might come to Earth to impregnate people.’ – Lou M Taylor, New York Daily News, November 2010⁣⁣
Gets better with age.
(Winston Churchill never met Adolf Hitler. That’s how the war was won. )

Hell awaits, Free Britney.”

This is what a fan commented under Courtney Love’s post:

“You do not hold back and I love you for that. This is why I look up to you so much. Britney needs freedom and we will continue the fight for it.”

You can check out Courtney Love’s Instagram post below.