Corey Feldman Accuses Marilyn Manson Of Sabotage


Musician and actor Corey Feldman recalled a challenging tour and gave some interesting details during his latest interview with Consequence. Feldman claimed that Marilyn Manson was behind his ‘Hellish Tour’ and explained why.

Following his fifth solo studio album ‘Angelic 2 the Core,’ which was released on June 22, 2016, Feldman began his Heavenly Tour in 2017. It was also a part of his musical project named Corey’s Angels, but the concerts turned into a nightmare because of the several crises that occurred during them. Similar to the record, which most critics defined as one of the worst albums of all time, the tour also received negative reviews from the audience.

The former child actor opened up about the live performances and said some female singers weren’t there to make music but to cause trouble. Corey Feldman said they were purposely singing off-key and later accused them of not paying their money or giving them food. In addition, their bus broke down several times, and they found out it belonged to Manson. Feldman added that one of those women who ruined the shows was the musician’s girlfriend.

The singer said they were sure Manson was trying to sabotage his tour and his crew collected all evidence that proved he was guilty. Marilyn Manson’s attorney or spokesperson hasn’t answered these claims yet. Furthermore, last year, the actor claimed that Manson was obsessed with him for years and tried to abuse him physically, and it marked the beginning of the longtime emotional abuse. 

Feldman said in his interview that:

It was the ‘Hellish Tour.’ But that was due to infiltration. We had people who were sent in that were spies that were not there to be musicians but were there to cause mayhem. It was when I hired all the girls. It was a nightmare. It was on our last tour. In 2017, when I had to shut it down during the tour. We had done like 80 shows, and it was supposed to go international.

But unfortunately, some people planted on tour were just there to cause problems. They were purposely singing off-key. Playing wrong parts, doing stuff like that so we would get negative attention, get negative reviews. Then they made all these terrible allegations after the tour ended, saying that we didn’t feed them and didn’t pay them, and they didn’t shower.

Just stupid stuff. The bus broke down ten times. It happened to be Marilyn Manson’s bus, and when I say ‘happened to,’ I say that lightly. It happened to be Marilyn Manson’s bus driver, and it happened to Marilyn Manson’s girlfriend who was part of the band or one of the girlfriends.”

He went on to talk about Manson:

“That was the reason why because we collected all the evidence, and we found out everything that we found out, which was that he was heavily involved in trying to infiltrate that tour.

You can check out the video below.