Brian May Admits Queen Was Jealous Of Led Zeppelin Fans

Most people love going out to concerts and make the most of the experience by singing along to every song and having great fun. However, as it turns out, Queen hated when their fans accompanied them. Recently, Brian May opened up to Total Guitar about why fans singing along annoyed the band so much, why they were jealous of Led Zeppelin’s audience, and how all these inspired a Queen hit.

Talking about why the fans’ sing-along had been irritating them so much, the guitarist discussed that the band only wanted the fans to be there, become one with the music, and listen to the band rather than accompanying each word of every song. However, they weren’t in luck and started becoming jealous of Led Zeppelin’s audience, but in the end, Queen managed to work out a solution.

“We had a good following,” said Brian as the guitarist recalled their early live performances. “[But] we had this thing where people insisted on singing along to our songs. And I think we were quite irritated by it. We thought, ‘People, just listen. We’re working really hard, so bloody well, listen!’ But they were unstoppable… They sang every word to every song.”

The guitarist then continued noting why the band envied Led Zeppelin’s audience and compared the two cult band’s shows to clarify what had differentiated their fans. He said, “When Led Zeppelin played, they listened. They banged their heads, and they listened. And I thought about our concerts, ‘Why don’t you buggers listen instead of singing?’”

However, rather than fighting this annoying situation, May devised a musical solution. He recalled, “I said to Freddie, ‘Maybe instead of fighting this, we should be encouraging it. Maybe we should be harnessing this kind of energy which seems to be happening.’ If they can chant, what would they chant? And with that, I could hear it in my head, ‘We will, we will rock you.’”

So, ‘We Will Rock You’ was born to help the audience sing more easily and positively use their energies. Brian May added, “I was hoping that this would become something which would catch on. We would have a song which would be led by the audience. So that’s why there’s no drums on there. It was all aimed towards getting the audience involved… somehow it worked.”

Thus, the band hated when people didn’t listen and sang along without appreciating the show or getting to experience it the best. Led Zeppelin was luckier since their fans wouldn’t sing along but listen to the music and have some silent fun. However, in the end, this problem led to the birth of a classic, timeless hit in the band’s discography.