Kris Barras On Gene Simmons’ ‘Rock Is Dead’ Claim: ‘It’s A Niche Now’

Kris Barras Band frontman Kris Barras recently gave an interview to Classic Rock and reflected on Gene Simmons’s notorious ‘Rock is dead’ claim. Although he finds some truth in this statement, he doesn’t entirely agree.

Death Valley Paradise‘ is the latest studio album by Kris Barras Band, released on March 4, 2022. The album includes eleven tracks in total, and the first single off the album, named ‘Dead Horses,’ had arrived on September 3, 2021. The band just started their UK tour in support of the new album.

During a recent interview, Barras was asked about Gene Simmons’ long-debated claim, ‘Rock is dead,’ after talking about the new album and the tour. As you know, Simmons has kept repeating his famous claim over the years and sparked a heated debate in the music world.

The KISS bassist argued that new rock bands don’t excite him like the old ones, mainly blaming the young fans for this situation. His controversial claim has gotten a lot of responses from many musicians over the years. Many artists disagreed with what Simmons said and criticized his stance on the current situation of rock music.

Kris Barras also joined the debate and said that there is no need to be angry with Gene Simmons since rock music was the mainstream genre once compared to today’s popular music. Barras thinks that maybe rock music is not as prevalent as it used to be, but it doesn’t mean that rock music is dead. According to the frontman, a smaller audience listens to rock music nowadays, but it is still an influential genre in itself.

Barras speaking on Gene Simmons’ ‘Rock is dead’ claim:

“No. People get angry when Gene says that stuff, but he’s coming from a mainstream viewpoint. Rock music is a niche now. It’s not what young people listen to. But that doesn’t mean that it’s dead.”

You can listen to Kris Barras Band’s latest album through Spotify below.