KISS’ Gene Simmons On Having Regrets About His Father


KISS bassist Gene Simmons recently opened up about whether he has any regrets about not connecting with his father in the past in an interview with Goldmine.

Gene Simmons was raised under challenging conditions that would later affect his adult life. His mother survived the Nazi concentration camps and then moved to Israel and met a carpenter who would become Simmons’ father. However, they ultimately split up. The rocker struggled with poverty since birth and started working at an early age.

Later, Simmons and his mother immigrated to the United States, while his father decided to stay in Israel to take care of his children from other marriages. The bassist changed his name and worked at many jobs before his music career began. His experiences helped him, and he eventually co-founded the world-famous KISS in the following periods.

Since it significantly impacted his life, Simmons is often asked about his challenging childhood and relationship with his father. As mentioned before, he provided financial support to his father until his death but never responded to his letters. When asked in a recent interview whether he regretted not communicating with his father, he answered both ‘yes and no.’

In the interview, the KISS bassist stated that he fulfilled the responsibilities he felt he had toward his father. Simmons added that he did not have problems with his father’s multiple marriages and children that were born after him, saying that he grew up with his half-sisters and brothers. As the bassist noted, he thought he should provide financial support and buy a house for him but did not believe he should have a ‘social relationship.’

Gene Simmons said the following when asked whether he had regrets about not connecting with his father:

“Yes and no. I thought I had a responsibility regardless of providing for my father, especially because I could. He had a number of wives afterward, and that’s fine. Everybody should try to be happy anyway they can, and he had quite a few kids with other wives, and that’s OK, too. I’ve since grown close to my half-sisters and brother. He was a busy guy, so I had a responsibility. I believed in buying him a house, sending him money, and stuff like that. But I didn’t believe I had the responsibility of having a social relationship.

Although Gene Simmons had a turbulent relationship with his father and did not choose to form an emotional bond with him, his mother was his biggest supporter. As a Holocaust survivor, she made an effort to show the rocker the positive side of life growing up.