Roger Daltrey Says He Doesn’t Care About What Fans Think Of Him

In a backstage diary he wrote for The Times, Roger Daltrey said he wasn’t concerned with the Who fans’ opinion of him.

In his diary, the singer talked about the last concerts he organized for Teenage Cancer Trust and other things. He revealed that he stays away from reading reviews on social media, stating:

“The reviews [of the concert] are in, but I won’t read them. If you read the good ones, you have to read the bad ones, and the bad ones will upset you. I steer clear of it all — reviews, Twitter, all of that.”

Daltrey Thinks Social Media Is About ‘Ego Food’

The rocker continued, further sharing what he thinks about comments:

“Social media might be great for talking to people, but when you start adding comments and likes, it’s just ego food, isn’t it? I don’t care what people think of me. I can’t live like that.”

Daltrey also talked about turning 80 on March 1 in other parts of the diary. He revealed how he feels being at this stage of life:

“I have to be realistic. I’m on my way out. The average life expectancy is 83, and with a bit of luck, I’ll make that, but we need someone else to drive things.”

Farewell To Teenage Cancer Trust

The last show of the 2024 Teenage Cancer Trust concert series called ‘Ovation’ happened on March 24. The vocalist said goodbye to the charity after 24 years of working with them. He spoke with the Metro in January about being part of such an organization:

“I’m some old fart of a rock singer, and this has given me a purpose. I’m not very good at doing nothing and I’m looking towards the end of a singing career. So this has been something I’m so proud of.”

During the final show, Paul Weller, Kelly Jones, Robert Plant, and Eddie Vedder performed live. Also, the singer recently announced a new solo tour in North America. It’ll be a ‘semi-acoustic’ tour with nine dates scheduled for June.