Nikki Sixx Joins Dolly Parton To Play Bass On Her New Song

Ever since Dolly Parton was honored by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last year, she has been giving hints about her new rock album. Mötley Crüe‘s Nikki Sixx tweeted to fans to share the news that he was a part of Dolly’s latest venture, where he played bass for one of her new songs.

Dolly was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this past November when she debuted a new track ‘Rockin,’ which she had revealed would become a part of an upcoming rock album that will feature a lineup of the biggest rockstars and turns out Sixx is included in that lineup.

Besides Nikki, Dolly had previously told in an appearance on the View that she was also looking to collaborate with Mick Jagger on her new rock album ‘Rock Star,’ to prove that she was indeed serious about claiming the title she was given last year.

Nikki Sixx’s words about playing bass for Dolly Parton’s new track read:

Played bass on a song for Dolly Parton yesterday. [I’ve] been back in the gym again to beat the jet lag from the tour and enjoy family time. [I] had a great interview with Sweden Rock magazine, and they might even feature some of my street photography.”

From what it seems, this project of Dolly’s will be a treat as not only is Nikki a part of it, but also Pink and Brandi Carlile will also be featured. Although Jagger’s involvement is not confirmed, we can expect nothing less than a star-studded album in the near future from the country mogul turned rockstar Dolly Parton herself.