Kirk Hammett On Ruining Metallica Solos: ‘I Don’t Take Myself That Seriously’

Kirk Hammett made a mistake on stage while playing the intro to ‘Nothing Else Matters’ at Metallica’s Power Trip festival show in October 2023. He recently spoke about the incident in an interview with Total Guitar.

Following the error, Hammett took a moment to apologize to the audience and then went on to play the song from the beginning. Reflecting on that, he explained:

“What you definitely are doing is setting yourself up for a lot of comments afterwards! But I didn’t care, man. In that moment, I was like, ‘F**k! Y’know I’m going to play that for you decently because you guys deserve to hear it correctly!’ Yeah, I f**ked it up. So what!? I don’t take myself that seriously. I’m not going to go up there and say I’m some f**king perfect machine.”

After the performance in Indio, California, the guitarist shook his hands to see what the problem was:

“Then I thought, ‘F**k! I’m dehydrated. That’s why. I’m not as limber as I usually am. Playing in dry heat, in the middle of the desert, I just didn’t drink enough water.”

Hammett’s Slip During Metallica Shows

The Power Trip festival set began with Metallica playing ‘Whiplash,’ followed by ‘Creeping Death’ and ‘From Whom The Bell Tolls.’ After performing ‘Orion,’ the band was set to play ‘Nothing Else Matters’ when Hammett’s slip in the intro came up.

Before replaying the song, the guitarist told the audience:

“Sorry, guys. I did it again. I screwed it up again. I’m gonna play it again for you. You know, it’s really hot in this f**king desert.”

This was not the first time Hammett had trouble with the opening of ‘Nothing Else Matters.’ During the first show of the North American leg of Metallica’s M72 World Tour, he stopped the performance due to a similar error, telling the crowd in New Jersey:

“Okay, it’s the first show…[Laughs] I’m gonna do this intro all over for you guys again. It’s just not good enough for myself, and if it’s not good enough for myself, it’s not good enough for you!”

Metallica’s Ongoing World Tour

Supporting Metallica’s latest album, the M72 World Tour started in The Netherlands in April. The band introduced a new concept called ‘No Repeat Weekend,’ where they perform different sets on two consecutive nights at the same venue.

The North American leg of the tour ended on November 12. Metallica plans to continue their tour in Europe in May 2024 before returning to America for more shows in August.