Kenney Jones Recalls When Ronnie Wood Decided To Play The Guitar Instead Of Bass

The Who drummer Kenney Jones recently appeared as a guest on Artists on Record hosted by Stefan Adika and recalled when Ronnie Wood decided to switch from bass to guitar.

Before joining the Rolling Stones in 1975, Ronnie Wood played with many other bands like the Birds, Faces, and the Jeff Beck Group. His first professional experience came with the Birds when he joined them as a guitarist. Later, he again played guitar in the mod band the Creation. However, his career went in a different direction from that point on.

The Jeff Beck Group recruited him not as a guitarist but as a bassist. However, his tenure as a bassist didn’t take long, and Wood decided to return to guitar after beginning to work with the members of Small Faces. They formed the band Faces, and Wood played bass in some of the band’s recordings, but his exceptional guitar work was always more prominent. He occasionally plays bass guitar in the Rolling Stones, yet his main contribution is his slide guitar playing.

In a new conversation, Kenney Jones, Ronnie Wood’s bandmate from Faces, recalled Wood’s bass playing in the Jeff Beck Group and called him a great bass player. Jones also praised Wood’s bass part in ‘Street Fighting Man.’ He recalled the time Ronnie Lane brought down Ronnie Wood and his wish to switch back to guitar. Jones revealed that Wood told them he was learning how to return to the guitar from the bass. He said he wanted to play guitar rather than bass, which he successfully achieved in the coming years.

Kenney Jones said the following in the conversation:

“One day, Ronnie Lane brought down his new next-door neighbor, which was Ronnie Wood. Ronnie was playing bass with the Jeff Beck Group, and Ronnie’s bass playing is still so great. I’m proud of his bass. I think he’s on a par with that episode of different stars, but he does that bass in ‘Street Fighting Man.’ I think he’s got a great little bass solo. When Ronnie came down, he said, ‘I’m just learning switching from bass to guitar, so I just want to play that. I don’t want to play bass.”

You can watch the entire conversation below.