David Ellefson Teases First Project After Getting Fired From Megadeth

Former Megadeth bass guitarist David Ellefson shared some clues about his upcoming project by sharing a new post on his Facebook account.

Earlier this year, Megadeth was getting prepared to release a new record. However, a third party leaked David Ellefson’s scandalous sex video and claimed that the recipient was an underage girl. The woman rejected these claims and said that she was an adult when they interacted, and David also expressed his embarassment of doing such a thing. Even though David showed remorse, it significantly affected his reputation.

After a short period, Megadeth and Dave Mustaine announced that David Ellefson was fired from the band, and another bass guitarist will be replacing him for the upcoming Megadeth album. Following this news, David kept silent for a long time, and he deleted his Twitter account immediately and put his Instagram account on private.

Until yesterday, the community didn’t know what David Ellefson would be doing in the future. However, the bass guitarist finally revealed that he has been working on a new project named ‘The Lucid,’ and that he will make a more detailed announcement on September 8. Even though David didn’t give any details, fans speculate that he founded a new band and has started working on a record.

You can check out the picture that David shared below.

Photo Credit: David Ellefson – Facebook