Keith Richards Says He’s Still Dealing With Charlie Watts’ Passing

During the new episode of The Rolling Stones’ BBC documentary ‘My Life as a Rolling Stone,’ the guitarist Keith Richards pointed out that he has been still dealing with the drummer Charlie Watts‘ passing in the previous year, as shared by Secrets of Rock.

Charlie Watts made impactful contributions to the band and the music world as a successful drummer. Watts created a distinctive sound by combining his drumming talent with his music. He achieved to impress his audience in every live performance throughout his career, spanning almost 60 years. The rocker has been counted among the most excellent drummers of all time.

Watts struggled with several health problems in his last years, including his throat cancer diagnosis in 2004. He received radiotherapy treatment for a while, and his cancer diminished. The drummer continued his work with the band and became a part of the upcoming albums and tours with his bandmates.

In 2021, the band announced that Watts could not appear with them for their ‘No Filter Tour’ because he would have heart surgery. Following the surgery, the rocker passed away on August 24 at the hospital after the operation. The music world was shocked by the drummer’s sudden passing, including his fellow bandmate Keith Richards.

In the new episode of ‘My Life as a Rolling Stone,’ Keith Richards revealed that he has been struggling with losing Watts since the previous year. As he stated, the late rocker was the most important name in the formation of The Stones. According to the guitarist, Watts was an excellent musician and the best British drummer in the world.

Keith Richards said in his words:

Charlie Watts. I’m still dealing with it. I can’t imagine The Stones without Charlie Watts. Charlie was the engine. He was the best drummer England has ever produced.”

You can watch the episode below.