Adam Lambert Reacts To Backlash Against His Boyfriend Oliver Gliese

Current Queen frontman Adam Lambert recently spoke out against the homophobic comments that were directed at his boyfriend, Oliver Gliese.

The couple shared a night out in LA this Friday, and several people shared many pictures from the night. However, some people trolled Gliese online, choosing to make fun of his outfit from the night and making jokes about his sexual orientation and identity.

Lambert took to Instagram, where he shared a lengthy statement about the comments his boyfriend received. He said:

“Oli and I had a fun night out! Rare to encounter paps in WEHO – so retro. Haha. Lifts my spirits to see support in the comments. Also appalled to see the obnoxious homophobia and ignorance plaguing people right now.”

Lambert addressed the jokes about his boyfriend’s identity and continued:

“Oli identifies as a he. He has wicked style and refuses to conform to the societal norms regarding his fashion choices. He is beautiful and brave and daring. He’s a leader not a follower. One of the many things I love about him!”

Lambert expressed that he had no interest in engaging with homophobic comments and concluded:

“We are very happy together and if the haters don’t like it, we don’t really give a f*ck. Grow up and challenge yourself to explore tolerance. We are all just trying to stay happy and fulfilled with our lives. Chances are, if you’re busy trolling us online, you’re miserable in your own life and can’t deal with your issues.”

Gliese also took to Instagram and shared a story to thank the fans who showed him support.

The two have been in a relationship since 2020, which Lambert described as a healthy relationship. Additionally, he stated that he is glad to sit down and talk through disagreements with his boyfriend.

See Lambert’s story below.