Keith Richards Gives Details On The Rolling Stones’ New Album And Clarifies If It Will Be Released Track By Track

In a recent interview with Louder, The Rolling Stones’ co-founder and guitarist Keith Richards talked about how he has been spending his days during the quarantine and revealed further details on the upcoming Rolling Stones album.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, many musicians and bands had to postpone or cancel their shows and tours around the world. Most of them have been sharing the moments of their daily life on social media platforms or joining interviews in order to be in touch with the fans during the self-quarantine days.

As you may recall, before the coronavirus pandemic, The Rolling Stones was on the ‘No Filter Tour.‘ Their tour began in 2017 and it was due to conclude in 2020. However, the band previously announced that they had to postpone the North American dates for a future date.

During a recent interview he joined, Keith Richards opened up about how he has been spending his quarantine days. He mentioned that he has some moments that he had an urge to pick up the guitar and write some parts of new songs from time to time.

Here’s what Keith Richards said about his quarantine days:

“Actually, the thing sits next to my usual chair, and I kind of do. But I do tend to have moments and little periods of time during the day when suddenly I’ll pick up the guitar and something will come to mind. I sit around writing songs, basically, or parts of songs, little bits.”

Furthermore, the interviewer asked Keith to share details about the forthcoming Rolling Stones album and wanted to know whether they are planning to release the album track by track. In his response, Richards stated that they released ‘(Living In A) Ghost Town’ that way since they had no idea about the upcoming pandemic when it came out. He also praised his bandmate, Mick Jagger, by appreciating his ‘mysterious prophecies’ since he was the one who wanted to release the song.

Considering the new album’s release, Keith said that they have to get back together again to finish the album first and they will have to wait for the pandemic to end to do so. He also added that the pandemic might influence the new songs that they’ll write. However, he stated that he wasn’t sure whether they will release the album track by track yet.

Here is what Richards stated about The Rolling Stones’ new album:

“Well, ‘(Living In A) Ghost Town’ came out that way, and we got about four or five tracks down before the pandemic hit. ‘Ghost Town’ was written and recorded before we knew anything about COVID-19. It was one of Mick’s really mysterious prophecies.

But otherwise? I don’t know. We can’t finish it until we can get back together again, and this pandemic might change the way we want to sound or what we want to write about because I think it’s going to influence everything.”

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