Keith Richards Didn’t Want A Rolling Stones Tour Without Charlie Watts

The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards recently opened up about his feelings on the passing of their drummer and long-time bandmate Charlie Watts. The guitarist stated that he didn’t want to do a tour without Charlie, but the late drummer wanted them to continue without him.

Charlie’s death wounded millions of people around the world. He was considered kind, humble, and very talented among rockstars, and his band members indeed loved him. They had a solid friendship for 58 years, supported each other on and off stage, and gained fans’ hearts by being one of the most successful bands alive.

After his death on August 24, 2021, he gave the band his blessing to continue with their tour and suggested they recruit Steve Jordan as a replacement. Steve and Charlie were friends for a long time, and because Charlie wanted them to continue their tour, the band felt the obligation to fulfill that wish. However, as Keith said recently, that was the last thing he wanted to do.

Here is what Keith said about continuing without Charlie:

“Well, for a band of our longevity to suddenly have another man in the drummer’s seat and is a leap in the dark. The last thing I wanted to do was a Rolling Stones tour without Charlie, but you know, Charlie said, ‘Look, go on with Steve.’ Charlie Watts was our mainstay.

You took Charlie, everything fell apart, and to be able to transition this thing and also feeling Charlie’s presence in a way via Steve. And Steve loved Charlie to death, and they were good friends. So it’s almost like a transitional thing that we all have to deal with when we get up there every night. But so far, so good. Great energy, great fun.

Even though he was reluctant to continue, they tried to adapt to this change. As far as he thinks, it is a lot of fun and positive energy every time they’re up there. When The Stones first announced that they would continue their tour, the fans reacted negatively because they wanted the band to retire. However, they also got used to this change and are starting to enjoy the shows again.