Justin Hawkins Reveals Lars Ulrich’s Missed Opportunity

Justin Hawkins recently reviewed Metallica‘s newest single, ‘If Darkness Had A Son,’ and revealed what opportunity Lars Ulrich missed out on in his drum set during one of his classic YouTube videos.

Hawkins’ has been an avid spectator of the metal icons’ journey through their new record, ’72 Seasons,’ so when the band released a brand new song, the Darkness frontman just had to do a review, diving deep into the basics of the rhythm and analyzing the melody’s structure with his guitar.

When the review came to assessing a short bit of Lars’ drumming along with the rhythmic metal tune, the rocker imaginarily reenacted the drummer’s playing and realized how perfect it would be for Ulrich to have a cymbal behind his head while playing his set. However, the Metallica icon opted not to have one, and for Hawkins, that was a missed opportunity on his part.

The rocker then discussed Hetfield’s vocals, appreciating the singer and complimenting his harmony with the tune. Hawkins then couldn’t help but discuss how James’ hardcore vocals were a must-have element for an average Metallica song, as what was better than seeing a Papa Het harmonically yelling along to the tune and putting a hell of a vocal show?

Hawkins’s review on how Ulrich missed out on an opportunity by not putting a cymbal behind his head and James’ vocal elements:

“[Imitates Ulrich playing his drums with a cymbal behind his head] I mean, I’ve had the pleasure of sitting behind Lars Ulrich’s drum set whilst on tour in Australia. He doesn’t have a cymbal behind his head which I’ve always thought is a missed opportunity. That’s how I would do it, but he’s to his own.

It’s got one of those James Hetfieldism on the end of it [the song.] This is what I’ve been saying about the stuff they released from the new record. It really has Hetfieldisms in Spades, and that’s awesome because what do you want to hear when you’re listening to Metallica? You want to hear James go, like, [Imitates Hetfield yelling with his tongue out]… probably not with the tongue out, but you get the picture.”

The singer felt that a cymbal placed behind Lars’ head would compliment his playing, and it was a missed opportunity for him not to have that. Hawkins also noted Hetfield’s vocals also ensured the track had all the must-haves in a classic Metallica song, signaling the new record was set to be an epic one.