The Person Courtney Love Blamed Most For Kurt Cobain’s Passing

When the love of your life, the father of your child, passes away, the mind plays tricks and looks for someone to blame for all that happened. No one thinks clearly in those moments of pure sadness but instead focuses on how it got to that point and who was involved. It’s not to say what people go through in their personal lives doesn’t affect their psyche; indeed, it does. For Courtney Love, it was a similar situation when she found someone responsible for Kurt Cobain’s death. Let’s take a look at how it went down.

Everything seemed in great shape in the Courtney and Kurt bubble around 1992, as the couple had just had their daughter Frances Bean Cobain. However, even though it was supposed to be a time of pure bliss after the birth, things got ruined pretty quickly by the media storm that took over tabloids. All the fuss resulted from an article Vanity Fair published about the couple.

In 1992, the magazine published an article with the headline ‘Strange Love’ written by Lynn Hirschberg. The part that attracted the media frenzy was the statements about Courtney’s drug use. In the article, the writer claimed that Love was consuming substances even after learning about her pregnancy and stated that a business associate had revealed this information.

However, it didn’t all end there as this bombshell drew the attention of child welfare services, and Frances Bean was taken away from Courtney and Kurt when she was only two weeks old. During that particularly fragile time, Kurt even gave an ultimatum. Either the record label would do something about the article, or he would disband Nirvana for good, as his family was his priority.

Geffen Records were adamant that the piece would die off in a couple of days like any other rumor. And sure enough, after the dismissal of the investigation, the couple had their precious baby back. Two years after the article’s publication, the news that shocked the whole world came. The Nirvana frontman had passed away. It was later revealed that the singer had died of suicide, and Love, who was in pain, blamed Hirschberg for her beloved’s passing.

“Do you know what it’s like when Lynn sets out to do a hit piece?” asked Love in an interview with “As a writer, wouldn’t it be your worst nightmare if you drove someone to suicide? I hope so. Because that’s what Lynn Hirschberg did to Kurt, all right?”

The singer went on to further blame Hirschberg, noting, “She humiliated and emasculated him. She sent him over the edge. She deserves most of the blame for his death. Do you really want to challenge me on that fact?”

Love added, “Yes, it’s true, I used heroin in the first three weeks of my pregnancy, but so f*cking what!? I didn’t even know I was pregnant at the time! I also took a few puffs of a cigarette when my belly was out to here, but for most of those nine months, I walked around with nicotine patches all over my body. When you have a baby inside you, you’re not going to do drugs or something stupid.”

Although Courtney had used drugs during the pregnancy, she didn’t know she was pregnant at the time. Yet, it still caused their baby to be taken away. After Cobain’s tragic passing, Love was convinced that he had done what he did because of the Vanity article by  Lynn Hirschberg. The former Hole singer even wrote a bootleg song titled ‘Bring Me The Head of Lynn Hirschberg.’