Jerry Cantrell Shares What He Admires About Elton John


While his upcoming album is ready for release in a few days, Alice in Chains’ Jerry Cantrell joined the Everblack Podcast for an interview. After talking about his new album ‘Brighten,’ Cantrell shared how he feels about Elton John and confirmed that he admired John’s never-ending interest in music.

Elton John is one of the most important names of the music industry as he inspired musicians from all genres. He is known to make music mainly in pop rock and soft rock but he was an influence for metal musicians as well throughout his career span of almost 60 years. John is known to be a confident singer/songwriter without an apparent ego which is reflected in his choices of song covers.

The most prominent feature of the singer is perhaps the fact that he is okay with covering bands and musicians that he inspired throughout the years. He recently featured in Metallica’s new album, ‘The Metallica Blacklist,’ and covered ‘Nothing Else Matters’ with Miley Cyrus. Elton John has a different, special understanding of music, which is admired, by many singers, songwriters, and guitarists.

Jerry Cantrell is one of the people who admire John’s musical interest as he reflected on the subject in a recent interview with Everblack Podcast. Cantrell stated that Elton John is a brilliant musician who still has the drive to discover new music. He recalled hearing about John going down the tower records on sunset there and filling a cardboard every week with all the new stuff. Jerry pointed out that Elton still is the same person who enjoys discovering new musicians and their works.

Here is how Cantrell admired John’s musical drive:

“We talked a few times, and the thing that always shines through with me that’s something that you know you hear about. I remember hearing about him going down the tower records on sunset there and just with a fucking cardboard box and just filling it every week with all the new stuff.

He’s so interested in music, and he’s such a fan of it, and he’s still that guy. He still listens to what comes out, and he’s been an amazing performer, brilliant songwriter, he and Bernie Topham, and it’s cool to see that love and that drive still alive.”

You can watch the entire interview below.