Justin Hawkins Believes The Jonas Brothers Would ‘Destroy Him’

In a recent video on his YouTube channel, Justin Hawkins Rides Again, the Darkness frontman shared his thoughts on the Jonas Brothers‘ latest song and provided some playful commentary.

Kicking off his review, Hawkins jokingly pondered on whether he would stand a chance in a fight against the band members. He then created an imaginary scenario in which he encounters them at a red-carpet event and is confronted for dismissing their music. Through this fictional scene, the musician concluded that the trio would ultimately ‘destroy him‘ in a fight, even though he might manage to hurt at least one of them.

The frontman continued by expressing his surprise at how much he enjoyed the song, admitting it was much better than he initially anticipated. He praised the bass line and harmonies and touched on the song’s theme, noting the band’s apparent affinity for waffles. He wrapped up his comments with a jest about their muscular arms, perfect for delivering a punch to his face.

He talked about the ‘fight’ by saying:

“What do you think would happen if I got into a fight with the Jonas Brothers? Do you think they’d just destroy me, or would they be really good? Are they – probably really nice people, aren’t they? I don’t want to be dismissive of their music. Just, you know, mainly because one day, with all these glitzy premieres and show biz kind of red-carpet things that I do, maybe one day, they’ll bump into me, and then they’ll just shove me, and I’ll lose my balance because I won’t see them coming, you know.

And I’ll be embarrassed, and then that’ll make the blood rush to my head. Then I’ll just be like… I don’t know; I’ll just be like this skinny English bloke just scrapping away, scratching at them, you know. Fighting dirty because I have to; there’s three of them. I don’t expect to win, but I would leave a mark on at least one of them. But ultimately, they would destroy me. [Sigh] So, yeah, just in summary, really great song. Really enjoying it.”

Justin said the following about the song:

“Okay, that’s a million times better than I was expecting it to be. Loads of space in it, the bass line’s really cool. Some brilliant, uhm, sort of stacked up harmonies on the key moments, and it’s about waffle houses, you know, I think, or a waffle house in particular. I don’t know which one.

Waffle, isn’t that like a – is that a chain restaurant in the Americas or something like that? I don’t know, but anyway. They obviously like their waffles. They’re really good at singing too. They’ve got lovely faces and big powerful arms just right for punching me in the face. Alright, nice one, Jonas Brothers.”

For those interested in the Jonas Brothers’ new song, ‘Waffle House’ is now available on music platforms. Give it a spin and find out if Hawkins’ amusing comments hit the mark.