George Harrison Once Said Paul McCartney And John Lennon Weren’t Special

Throughout the Beatles’ music career, John Lennon and Paul McCartney contributed significantly to their songwriting partnership’s success. The band’s core trio was Lennon, McCartney, and Harrison, who had been together since 1958. The Beatles members, especially John Lennon, were admired figures among the fanbase, and the press even named this admiration ‘Beatlemania.’

By early 1964, the Beatles was a global success, and they had achieved massive critical and commercial appreciation levels. However, the band broke up in 1970 due to several contributing factors, including Lennon’s relationship with Yoko Ono and his heroin use, McCartney’s negative image due to his high-handed role, the death of their manager, and other disputes.

When the Beatles left the music scene, George Harrison joined WABC-FM radio’s Howard Smith for an interview during the host’s brief visit to America. The interview occurred when the public and die-hard Beatles fans were heartbroken by the news. In the interview, Harrison said John Lennon and McCartney weren’t actually that special, according to him.

Why Did George Harrison Think Everyone Could Be Paul McCartney Or John Lennon?

In the interview with Howard Smith, George Harrison revealed his thoughts on his former bandmate Paul McCartney. He stated that he realized anybody could be Lennon-McCartney, and he says this as a person who spent so much time together with both over the years.

Harrison then talked about the public’s admiration of Lennon and McCartney and claimed everybody could be a Lennon/McCartney if they wanted to. Following that, the musician said nobody is unique, and if this duo is that special, Harrison and Starr should be special as well. According to Harrison, he also can be Lennon/McCartney, but he prefers being Harrison instead.

According to, WABC-FM’s Howard Smith asked George Harrison in the 1970 interview the following:

“What was Paul McCartney’s image of you?”

Harrison then responded:

Well, I got the impression it was like he still acted as if he was the groovy Lennon/McCartney. Because there was a point in my life where I realized anybody could be Lennon/McCartney, you know. ‘Cuz being part of Lennon/McCartney really I could see, you know, I could appreciate them and how good they actually are. At the same time, I could see the infatuation that the public had or the praise that was put on them.

And I could see everybody’s a Lennon/McCartney if that’s what you want to be. But the point is nobody’s special. There are not many special people around. If Lennon/McCartney are special, then Harrison and Starkey are special, too. What I’m saying is that I can be Lennon/McCartney too, but I’d rather be Harrison, you know.”

So, George Harrison couldn’t understand why the public put that much praise on John Lennon and Paul McCartney. He thought they were not unique, and he expected the people to show the same level of appreciation towards him and Ringo Starr.