Josh Freese On Exposing The ‘Worst Kept Secret’ In The Music Business

Josh Freese celebrated his first anniversary with Foo Fighters with an Instagram post.

The drummer shared a video performing with the band and wrote in the caption:

“A year ago today this aired and I got to stop keeping quiet about what had been referred to as ‘the worst kept secret in the music business’ at the time (though I thought we did a pretty good job on our end.) Foo Fighters released an hour-long special of us playing some songs at rehearsal.”

Josh Had A Message For Taylor Hawkins

Freese also honored the late Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins:

“Here’s 3 clips of the first song. I love the way it came out and am proud of it. I joked that all we really needed was ‘All My Life’ and then move on (because it’s so goddamn good). That being said, I continue to miss Taylor [Hawkins] as does the band, his family, friends, and the rest of the world. We also continue to try and make the most of the situation by moving forward and doing what we love doing…. playing music, honoring Taylor, and staying positive.”

Hawkins who played with the band for 25 years died suddenly on March 25, 2022. On May 21, 2023, Foo Fighters announced their new drummer during a livestream event called ‘Foo Fighters: Preparing Music For Concerts.’ The group had fun chatting with famous drummers like Mötley Crüe’s Tommy Lee and Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Chad Smith before revealing that Freese is their new drummer.

Freese Didn’t Plan To Become The New Foo Fighters Drummer

Last month, Josh told Rick Beato in an interview that he didn’t try to replace Hawkins in the Foo Fighters. He explained how he became the new drummer after Taylor’s death:

“On my children’s lives, I had zero plans of being called to be the drummer. And everyone and their mother — my neighbor walking the dog, ‘Hey Josh, the Foo Fighters call you yet?’ Other people hitting me up, other drummers, Reddit forums, ‘Josh Freese is gonna be the guy.’ I’m going, ‘I don’t even know if they’re gonna continue on [after Taylor’s death].'”

Freese also said he didn’t ask about replacing Hawkins during the tribute concerts. He preferred to give everyone space. The drummer decided to let things happen naturally and wasn’t worried about whether the Foo Fighters would call him.

The musician played almost 70 shows in his first year with the Foo Fighters. The band will have a busy summer with concerts in the U.K. and Europe, and then they will perform in the U.S. starting in July.

You can see his post here.