Jonathan Davis To Korn Fans: ‘We Still Want To Bring You Some Great Music’

Korn frontman Jonathan Davis excited the followers by announcing a new event on the official Instagram account of the band.

Following the coronavirus outbreak, the music industry has been suffering for a year now due to the restrictions for the events, but some of the bands chose to arrange virtual concerts while others decided to release new albums and songs.

As KISS did on the New Year’s Eve, Korn is also going to make a global virtual concert, named ‘Korn Monumental,’ which is scheduled to start on April 24 and will be re-streamed afterward.

Furthermore, Jonathan stated that they hope everybody could be with them in this event and mentioned that even though it is not the same as the traditional concerts, they will try their best to make it perfect for the audience.

Here is what Jonathan Davis said:

“We hope you take part in this experience with us. And though it is not the same as performing live with you here, we still want to bring you some great music and a fun show.”

You can check out the post by clicking here.