Jacoby Shaddix Shares The One Thing That Would End Papa Roach

Papa Roach frontman Jacoby Shaddix sat down for a new interview with Audacy Music to reveal the one thing that would end the band’s career. During their discussion of the future of the band, the rocker shared his plans for the band. He said:

“Oh, man. Keep on headlining these arenas. Let’s get on headlining these arenas, eventually a stadium tour in our career. I see bands like Metallica out there doing it. I just see a band like [Papa] Roach eventually getting to that point.”

The frontman, sharing the one thing that would end not only their but every other band’s career, continued:

“I have this childlike faith, this drive that that’s gonna happen. Keep making music that’s authentic, keep making music that feels like it’s got a purpose. I think we became a parody of ourselves, that’s when we gotta pull the plug.”

Papa Roach’s Current Status with Authenticity

The authenticity of the music seems to be one of the most essential things for Shaddix. Well, how is Papa Roach doing in terms of the originality of their music? The rocker revealed:


“We haven’t gotten there; it’s driven music, I feel fulfilled when I get done with a tour. I tell you straight up when I came off stage in Denver the last show, I straight up ugly cried. I was like walking off stage ugly crying, I’m like, ‘What is wrong with me?’ I was at that point where I’m like, ‘I’m gonna miss that stage.'”

The Authenticity Made Them Famous

Although you might need songs that fit the popular culture to be popular for your music, it’s not always the case with rock music. Papa Roach released their hit ‘Last Resort’ in 2000 after it took place in the comedy movie, ‘Ready to Rumble.’ Getting rejected by Warner Bros., they reached out to DreamWork to release their 2000 album. Despite the rejection they got before, the band decided not to change anything in the song for the record company and rerecorded it as it was.

Eventually, the track became a world-renowned hit and the band, in their words, knew it was a special song.

You can see the latest interview below.