Noel Gallagher On His Concern About Disappointing Oasis Fans

Recently speaking to the Sun, Noel Gallagher shared his worries about letting down Oasis fans when they meet him out.

The former Oasis star mentioned that he now leads a quieter life compared to his wild past and worries that his normal daily routine might disappoint fans who see him as a rock star. Noel explained:

“I can go to the supermarket now and do a shop for the weekend and no one will bat an eyelid. I think people get a bit disappointed when they bump into you buying soup. They kind of don’t want you to inhabit the same supermarket queue as them as they think you’re on a private jet with hookers, which frankly, is where I should be.”

Noel’s New Normal

Nowadays, the musician is often found shopping for everyday items like brown rice or salmon, and he feels that these mundane encounters might let his fans down. Gallagher went on his words, saying:

“I’ve been asked many times in the supermarket, ‘What’re you doing here?’ I’m waiting for a taxi… what the f*ck do you think I’m doing here? Just f*cking doing my own shopping. They go, ‘You do your own shopping?’ and I’m like, ‘Yeah, I had to fire my butler’ – which is another thing I should have.”

Noel has come a long way from the peak days of Oasis and he confessed that he once even paid fans to handle his shopping errands for him. He added:

“I can’t remember ever going to the shops in the Nineties. I used to get fans to go shopping for us. They would go, ‘Can I have a picture?’ and I’d give them a shopping list and go, ‘I’ll tell you what, if you go and get us that, I’ll give you a picture and an autograph and a cuddle as well.'”

Reunion Rumors Around The ‘Definitely Maybe’ Tour

Even though Oasis’ heydays are over and the Gallagher brothers have been separated from each other for more than a decade, the fans were hoping for a reunion in Liam’s upcoming ‘Definitely Maybe’ tour to celebrate the album’s 30th anniversary.

Liam previously mentioned that he invited his brother to participate in the tour, but his brother declined. Later, when a fan asked about the trek and if it would put to rest any rumors of future Oasis reunions, the rock musician responded by saying:

“I’m not sure how his rite said works these days all I know is I’m here, I’m gonna be there and if all goes well, I’ll be f*cking everywhere.”

On the tour, Liam is set to play popular tracks such as ‘Whatever,’ ‘Fade Away,’ ‘Listen Up,’ and ‘Sad Song.’ It begins in Sheffield on June 2, 2024, and wraps up on June 27. It’s expected that he will be joined by Paul Arthurs, also known as Bonehead, who co-founded Oasis with him.