Jonathan Davis Looks Back To Korn’s First Livestream Event Inspired By Pink Floyd’s Live At Pompeii


Korn guitarist Brian Head Welch spoke in a recent interview with Kerrang and talked about the difficulties of playing on livestream event.

As you might already know, Korn recently played a livestream that they have been promoting for a long time, The Korn: Monumental, and impressed all the audience with their performances.

In the conversation with Kerrang, Brian was asked if the livestreams feel like playing on a concert or recording a music video. According to Brian, they need to be like playing in a live show.

As Brian mentioned that they influenced by Pink Floyd’s Live At Pompeii album, he also revealed that they managed to do it like a real show instead of recording a music video.

Interviewer asked:

“Do livestreams like this feel more like playing a concert or recording a music video?”

Brian Head Welch replied:

“It needs to be more like playing a show. They can make it more like a music video, where it’s like, ​’Stop! Cut!’, but you’ve got to put your foot down and say, ​‘This is a live event, guys…’

To do that can take away the live energy of the whole thing. Fortunately, we’d done it before on Korn III, where we played The Encounter in the middle of a crop circle and took inspiration for that from Pink Floyd​’s Live At Pompeii.”

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