Jonathan Davis Changes His Mind About Korn’s Nu Metal Tag

For many bands, being the pioneers of a genre is often something to be proud of. However, when a genre becomes trendy, many follow, and some fail to do the sound justice. Thus, being mentioned under the same tag as them might be annoying for the pioneers. Judging by his last interview with Metal Hammer, that was also the case for Jonathan Davis.

“We were making ‘Untouchables,’” he said, remembering the times of their fifth studio album. “And that was when so many bands were coming out and jumping on the bandwagon. Now I don’t mind the tag ‘nu metal’ – they named an entire subgenre after my band? Holy shit! That’s cool! – but punk-ass, crazy Korn back then, we were like, ‘What the f*ck? F*ck everyone! We’re going to make this insane record. Keep people guessing.’”

He continued, “It had become a parody of itself – ‘I don’t want to be defined like that!.’ Nowadays, I don’t care, but back then, I hated it. I make the music I make… you don’t call Metallica some thrash band! They’re f*cking Metallica! You don’t call the Chili Peppers a funk rock band! They’re the f*cking Chili Peppers!”

With its aggressive beats, rhythmic bases, and distorted vocals, Korn has successfully preserved that distinctive sound for nearly 30 years. One of the hardest working bands, with 14 albums released in these 30 years, Korn is now enjoying the good feedback of ‘Requiem,’ which they dropped last February. Their concert schedule seems relatively relaxed; their closest concert will be in LA on May 13.