Jonathan Davis Admits He Had Another Name In Mind For Korn As He Shares The Story Behind Their Logo

During a recent interview with Revolver Magazine, Korn frontman Jonathan Davis talked about the band’s early days and revealed how they named the band as Korn.

In the conversation, Jonathan pointed out that the logo of Korn came about when they decided to name the band and said that their manager, named Larry, didn’t agree with the name of Korn.

After the manager rejected the name of Korn, Jonathan Davis came up with a new idea to convince Larry to use Korn as a band name. According to Jonathan, he suggested ‘Larry’ as their band name.

In this way, their manager had to choose between his own name and Korn. Fortunately for everybody, Larry didn’t pick his own name and that’s how they ended up using Korn as a band name.

Here is what Jonathan Davis said:

“The Korn logo came about when we were trying to come up with a band name. Our manager at the time, Larry, we told him we were gonna call it Korn and he’s like, ‘You can’t name your band Korn.’

So we told him, ‘Well, we’re gonna name it Larry then,’ And he’s like, ‘Fuck you.’ I’m like, ‘It’s gonna be either Larry or Korn. You fuckin’ pick.’

I fucking chuckle to this day that my band’s name is Korn. It’s fucking funny!” the frontman said laughing. “We twisted it, spelled it different with the backwards R and made it kinda spooky, and it worked.”

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