Mike Portnoy Releases The Video For The LTE’s Upcoming Album’s Third Single, ‘Hypersonic’


Former Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy thrilled the fans by making a new announcement about his upcoming album with Liquid Tension Experiment.

As you may recall, Mike also announced that he is reunited with John Petrucci once again and they will release the third studio album of LTE, named Liquid Tension Experiment 3, on April 16.

Fortunately enough, Mike announced that they are now releasing the third single from LTE3, named Hypersonic, and said that it is also the opening song of the upcoming album.

While Mike was saying that Hypersonic is the last song they composed, he also stated that this is an opener song that would make people’s head off from the minute they start the song.

Here is what Mike Portnoy said:

“’Hypersonic’ was the last song we composed of the four new compositions. We knew we needed an opener that was just going to take peoples’ heads off from the minute you hit play.

It’s kind of a cross between ‘Acid Rain’ and ‘Paradigm Shift’ mixed with a lot of ‘The Dance of Eternity’ kind of insanity. We purposely threw everything including the kitchen sink into that one.”

You can check out the post by clicking here and listen to the song below.