Chris Daughtry Reveals His Obsession With Ronnie Radke

Daughtry released the music video for their single ‘Artificial’ and Chris Daughtry recently went live on YouTube for a Q+A session. When whether he would like to collab with metal artists like Ronnie Radke, Chris answered:

“Y’all don’t even know my obsession with Ronnie Radke. Yes, I’d love to work with Ronnie any day of the week. I think he’s extremely talented. I just turned Deanna on to him recently and played some of the Falling in Reverse stuff and she was like ‘Oh my God, he’s got it all.’ He’s got it all. Incredible singer, incredible metal vocalist, incredible rapper. The dude is the total package.”

The frontman also advised his fans to check Falling In Reverse and which one of their tracks is the best as a starting point:

“Anybody who does not know who Falling In Reverse is, you should check out. To ease you in, just listen to their cover of ‘Last Resort’ from Papa Roach. It is one of the most incredible vocals I’ve heard recorded in a very long time, I promise you. But watch the video, it is stunning.”

Daughtry released ‘Artificial’ on August 11 and the music video they released got 65K views in 17 hours. Below, you can find the whole Q+A video, ‘Artificial’ music video, and Falling In Reverse’s ‘Last Resort’ cover.