Jon Bon Jovi’s Wish About Mick Jagger

While there can be many reasons for bands to consider calling their quits, old age and the subsequent setbacks usually make it challenging for veteran rockers to take the stage and perform shows which require high physical effort. The bands also need to be able to deliver their own original sound to the audience coming to see them perform live. So, keeping the original members is also crucial for an act to continue its career.

Luckily, the Rolling Stones have never had such big problems as the band is still touring and making music after all these long years. The legendary act went through a surprisingly small number of lineup changes, leading them to maintain their original sound to a great extent.

Especially the frontman Mick Jagger still stands out as a fantastic performer despite his advancing age. At almost 80, the singer continues mesmerizing the audience with his never-ending energy. It is known that he has been practicing a lot to maintain his physical shape and balance. Most music lovers would enjoy seeing Jagger on stage for as long as possible, but Jon Bon Jovi has a different perspective on this issue.

Speaking to the San Diego Union-Tribune two years ago, the Bon Jovi frontman was asked to discuss whether rock and roll could grow old gracefully. Then, the interviewer also asked if it could maintain the original rock and roll style by giving the Rolling Stones’ enduring musical journey as an example.

“I think the Stones are a great example,” the singer said before revealing his surprising wish about the band and Mick Jagger. Bon Jovi humorously continued, “For me, though, I wish they’d retire for one reason: At least then, I’d know where the end zone is! They are still an amazing live band.” So, it sounds like the rocker wished Mick Jagger and the Stones would stop performing at some point so that he can also plan his retirement.

Jon Bon Jovi added, “You brought up Bruce [Springsteen] earlier, and he’s obviously a great entertainer. [Paul] McCartney is still touring all the time and had a new album out last year. If you want to think of U2, who are our age, they are obviously a great touring rock band. The Eagles are another great example of a touring band that is still singing and playing great. So, yeah, I do think rock can grow old gracefully,” Bon Jovi lastly remarked, returning to the initial question about rock and roll.

Thus, Jon thinks that there are many notable performers out there who still play live shows at their best. Yet surprisingly, the singer also wishes the Stones stop at some point in their career because it would guide him to know where the ‘end zone’ is. However, it seems like the Rolling Stones is far from being over soon since the band intends to take the stage and perform as long as they are capable of it.