The Secret Behind Mick Jagger’s Outstanding Stage Performances Even In His 70s


The Rolling Stones have kept their place as the rock icons of the music industry ever since their formation in 1962. Having sold almost 240 million records, the band is also one of the best-selling artists of all time. During their successful music career, they have won multiple awards such as three Grammies and have been frequently listed among the greatest artists of all time.

As the band has been active for nearly 59 years, it is no wonder that the band members have gotten older. As of today, all members are over 75, and although they have reached a certain age, the band is still alive and kicking. In fact, Mick Jagger recently announced that the band is planning to get back on stage for their 2021 US Tour which will take place this fall.

Being among one of the most popular frontmen of rock and roll history, Mick Jagger is still eager to produce new music with his band. Although he is almost 80 years old, the frontman is still giving dazzling live performances as if he is a young man climbing the ladder of fame. Taking a look at his stage performances and musical talent, it appears that he owes his energy and strength to certain habits.

Mick Jagger’s Source Of Energy During His Stage Performances In His 70s


Although he had heart surgery back in 2019, Mick Jagger still jumps up and down on the stage. At the time of the surgery, Rolling Stones had to postpone the North American leg of their tour until Jagger had completely recovered. Mick Jagger was really sad to leave the stage even then, and he apologized to his fans with a tweet, in which he said that he would do his best to get back on stage as soon as possible.

Maintaining his energetic performances until his 70s, Mick Jagger is known to owe his energy to his exercise regimen. It was reported that Mick Jagger trains five to six days a week to keep his health status sufficient for the gigs.

He also does kickboxing, cycling, swimming, alongside running eight miles a day which improves his stamina. Jagger is also highly interested in yoga, ballet, and pilates which help him maintain his physical shape and balance. Moreover, according to Dailymail, he covers approximately 12 miles during each stage show.

Being almost 80 with eight children, five grandchildren, and a great-granddaughter, Mick Jagger still surprises the audience with his never-ending energy. It seems like he is determined to appear on the stage in the future with Rolling Stones, pleasing the eyes of the fans with his appealing performances.