Jon Bon Jovi’s Ultimatum To Richie Sambora

After Richie Sambora left Bon Jovi without saying much in 2013, conspiracies started to take shape as to why he might’ve departed the band.

Later on, although the guitarist stated that he’d left the act to focus on his family and personal life, these statements didn’t dismiss the rumors about a ‘feud’ forming between him and former bandmate, Jon Bon Jovi.

So, when the frontman was giving a press conference in 2016, he was asked about the ‘rumored’ feud between him and Richie. After that question, Bon Jovi decided to clear the air about his former bandmate, and opened up about whether he missed him:

“Yeah. [I do.] I swear on my career, and on my children, there was no fight. He has [he waves an imaginary bottle] issues and he can’t deal with them. There’s obligations. You’re not 20. You have to show up.”

The singer then shared how he’d made an ultimatum to Sambora:

“Get help, OK? I’m here to help. You don’t want the help? I can’t force anybody to make lifestyle choices.”

Although there were no fights over Richie’s departure, as the frontman stated, it might be safe to assume that Bon Jovi was a bit disappointed after his bandmate passed on his ultimatum to help him out with his issues.

Still, it seems that the gloom between the former bandmates might be over since Richie recently stated that he was now ready to get back with his former band.