Richie Sambora Comments On Jon Bon Jovi’s Harsh Criticism

Balancing personal and professional life is more complex than it sounds when it comes to artists, and Bon Jovi’s former guitarist Richie Sambora definitely struggled a lot. However, the rocker’s struggle ended when he left the band to take care of his family, but not everybody was pleased with his decision. Sambora discussed his departure from Bon Jovi with Daily Mail and addressed Jon Bon Jovi’s recent remarks.

Sambora departed Bon Jovi back in 2013 to take care of his daughter, Ava, but apparently, Jon didn’t welcome his decision to leave. The frontman recently opened up about his former bandmate and said he wishes Richie had gotten his ‘life together’ and joined the band. The guitarist, however, laughed at Jon’s criticism and responded in a positive way.

“We’ve had our ups and downs throughout the years as any married couple have,” stated Sambora and portrayed his relationship with Bon Jovi as a union. “Jon and I spent more time together than we spent with our families because him and I wrote the songs.”

The rocker was then asked if he would ever consider rejoining the band. He said, “It would have to be a special situation for me to go back, but I’m certainly not counting it out. I have no malice toward that band.”

To the guitarist, Bon Jovi was like a family member, but Richie Sambora chose his actual family over his bandmates when he needed to be there for his daughter. However, the only rocker who struggled to keep the family-fame balance wasn’t Sambora. It is known that Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones almost departed the band when his relationship with his family was falling apart.