Richie Sambora Feels Obligated To Reunite With Jon Bon Jovi

Richie Sambora recently joined People, discussing why he felt obligated to reunite with Jon Bon Jovi and the anticipated time of their possible reunion. The rocker also shared updates on the release dates of his upcoming solo projects.

It’s been nearly a decade since Sambora departed from Bon Jovi in 2013, marking the end of their 40 years of partnership. The guitarist had reasoned that his departure was necessary to focus on his family life, stating that his professional commitments were getting in the way of him connecting with his daughter on a deeper level.

Despite Richie’s decision to leave Bon Jovi to prioritize his family, Jon seemed less than thrilled with his former bandmate’s departure. The frontman had even made a snide remark, sarcastically suggesting that his former bandmate ”should get his life together,’ hinting at a bitter relationship between the two. Therefore, whether Sambora would reunite with the band remained unanswered.

However, Richie had recently hinted that a possible reunion was in the works, and he and Jon had been reconnecting. He didn’t specify a set a date for the reunion show as he disclosed that the frontman had vocal problems he needed to fix first.

The rocker seemed more optimistic that a reunion show was in the plans, disclosing that talks were underway. Coming together with Bon Jovi also seemed to carry immense significance for Sambora as he felt a sense of obligation that they owed to the fans. The guitarist then disclosed that his solo music would be released only in a few months.

Sambora on releasing solo projects and reuniting with his former bandmates:

“I’m hoping the end of March or beginning of April [to release solo music.] [And] we’re obviously talking about it [Bon Jovi reunion]. For me, I feel a spiritual obligation to the fans around the world.

And, also, to say thank you to God and the universe for giving me such an amazing life the opportunity to go out and make people happy with what comes naturally to me. I think that I was born understanding that language, the international language of music.”

Even though Sambora is on a solo path and getting ready to release some new music, he felt obligated to Bon Jovi fans worldwide who wished to see the band on tour with their classic lineup. However, as we don’t know when the shows will take place, I’ll leave you to read how Richie almost brought Jon to the brink of the abyss.