When Keith Richards Hit A Fan With His Guitar During A Live Rolling Stones Show

There’s no doubt that the world knows Keith Richards as the Rolling Stones guitarist, co-founder, secondary vocalist, and co-principal songwriter throughout his spectacular music career that spans over six decades, however, his fans also know Richards with his notorious attitudes on and off stage which gave birth to countless hilarious and unexpected stories about the legendary rocker.

One of the most surprising incidents thanks to his eccentric personality happened during a live performance of the Rolling Stones in Hampton, Virginia, on December 18, 1981, when a fan rushed to the stage as the band was in the middle of performing the iconic track ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’ and Keith Richards thought his guitar would be the best tool to use as self-defense.

That’s when the Rolling Stones guitarist repeatedly hit the fan with his black Fender and literary wiped the invading fan off the stage as the unlucky fan was surprised by the strong hits of Richards and even lead vocalist Mick Jagger looked at the incident with horror as he successfully continued performing the track.

Despite some of you might think Keith Richards using his guitar to kick a fan off the stage as he’s constantly hitting him is the most peculiar aspect of this hilarious yet tragic moment, however, fans who saw the video were even more surprised when they saw the iconic guitarist calmly putting his guitar back and returned to playing the track as if nothing had happened a few seconds earlier.

Here is what Keith Richards stated about the reason why he hit the fan with his guitar:

“The only reason I did it was because the security was not there — They were two steps behind. I am watching Mick’s back. I don’t know where this guy is gonna go… You know it’s a kind of automatic, instinctive thing… I just watched my man’s back.”

Keith Richards may seem like he actually harmed the intruder as he was harshly hitting the fan and received criticism after the video was released, he indeed bailed that fan out of jail after he was arrested. Due to the fact that the moment holds a special place in their fans’ hearts as an iconic moment thanks to Keith’s incredibly calm behavior and Jagger’s horrified face, the infamous video has more than two million views on YouTube with dozens of comments by fans.

Here is what a fan commented:

“Just the fact he hit the guy with his guitar and continued playing, pure gold”

Here is what another said:

“I watched another video where Keith was talking about this. Keith actually bailed the guy out of jail.”
You can see the moment when Keith Richards hit that fan with his guitar below.