Justin Hawkins Addresses Sebastian Bach’s Feud With Ronnie Radke

A few days ago, after Falling In Reverse’s Ronnie Radke announced the cancellation of their Illinois Wiil Rock show due to losing their laptops, talk show host Eddie Trunk harshly criticized the band’s inability to deliver a ‘live’ performance to the audience. Subsequently, Radke stated that many musicians benefited from technology nowadays and cited the former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach as one of these names.

However, Bach was hard on Radke for giving him as an example, saying he has never used tracks in his live performances. While many people have commented on this issue since then, the Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins recently spoke from an objective perspective on his YouTube channel, Justin Hawkins Rides Again.

The singer started his words by talking about the beginning of this dispute, thinking from each side’s point of view. He said that Eddie Trunk advocated that the band could have been able to perform without laptops. On the other hand, according to Hawkins, Ronnie Radke canceled the show because they could not realize a concert worth the price the audience had paid without the required electronic devices.

The Darkness singer indicated that it was hard for him to choose a side in this conflict, and he was nervous. He said he could imagine being kicked by both Sebastian Bach and Ronnie Radke in front of Eddie Trunk, who would be laughing, watching him getting punched. The singer directed his followers to the comments section to share their opinions about this dispute. He also noted that his band had used the same technique of using samples in the past for a short period, but it did not work for them.

Justin Hawkins said the following:

“To a degree, Eddie Trunk, I think he’s making the argument that a band ought to be able to play if their computer isn’t working. On the other side of it, I think Ronnie is saying that for them to do a show that they confidently feel is doing justice to the ticket price and what their audience has come to expect from them, they need the additional accompaniment and the presence of electronic elements.

It’s difficult to sort of weigh in on either side, really. It’s all being conducted with such fervor that I’m sort of nervous about it, really. I can imagine myself getting my head kicked in by both Sebastian Bach and Ronnie Radke while Eddie Trunk looks and laughs. What do you think? Use the comment section here. The Darkness did go through a little period where we were sort of triggering samples. We even tried playing the clicks on tour around about 15 years ago, and it didn’t work.”

You can check out the video below.