Heart Singer Ann Wilson Says Billie Eilish And Lzzy Hale Inspire Her


Heart icon Ann Wilson revealed that famous singer Billie Eilish and Halestorm frontwoman Lzzy Hale influenced her while talking about her upcoming album and latest single during her recent interview with Ultimate guitar.

Ann Wilson recently released ‘Greed,’ the first single from her new solo album entitled ‘Fierce Bliss.’ The song received positive reviews from music critics and longtime Heart fans worldwide with its well-crafted sound and lyrics, so they can’t wait to listen to the whole album that will be released on April 29, 2022. Nowadays, Wilson joins various interviews and shares her ideas about the album and other artists.

The reporter wanted the singer to unveil the new generation of musicians that inspire her while creating and performing in one of them. Wilson initially named Billie Eilish and Lzzy Hale as two of the relatively new artists that influenced her. She then continued with James Blunt and Maroon 5 though the latter isn’t necessarily a new band. Wilson also stated that Eilish is excellent and added that she likes Hale.

In addition, the Halestorm singer previously said that she had a chance to meet Wilson during one of her studio sessions, and it was one of the best moments of her life. Hale will be pleased about Wilson’s defining her as a young singer that became an inspiration for her, much like any other musician who admires the Heart icon’s work.

Here’s what the reporter asked:

“Are there some newer artists that, in turn, inspire you these days?”

Wilson said in her interview that:

I think Billie Eilish is good. I like Lzzy Hale. This is pop music, but I think James Blunt is very cool, and, you know, Maroon 5. They’re not exactly brand new, but I think that for pop music’s sake, those are good choices.”

Wilson’s statement can be considered female musicians’ support for each other while trying to have equal rights in the male-dominated entertainment and music industry for a very long time. In addition to things are getting slightly better in terms of gender equality, seeing female artists praising each other is always a nice touch to the matter.

You can listen to the mentioned song below.