Sebastian Bach Slams Falling In Reverse’s Ronnie Radke After ‘Track Band’ Claims

Former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach recently responded to Ronnie Radke after Falling In Reverse received harsh reactions for canceling their latest show.

In the previous days, Ronnie Radke announced in a video on social media that the band had to cancel their Illinois Wiil Rock performance on September 24. The reason for this sudden cancellation was that the members had lost their laptops, which contained all their preparations for the show. The singer expressed his sadness by noting that they would not be able to perform without their laptops.

The band’s decision was initially criticized by the talk show host Eddie Trunk. He stressed on his social media that he initially thought that the band canceling the show just because they did not have laptops was a joke. Trunk criticized them, saying they could not offer a ‘live’ concert to those who went there to watch them ‘live.’

Radke, who did not stay silent in the face of Trunk’s criticism, mentioned that the bands such as KISS and Aerosmith also benefited from technology in concerts and defined the talk show host as a ‘moron.‘ When the singer included Sebastian Bach in his defense, citing him as one of the musicians who used tracks on his shows, Bach gave an implicit response indicating he did not do such a thing by calling him a ‘dummy.’

Sebastian Bach said the following when Ronnie Radke accused him:

“Wow, dummy, are you trying to say that you believe that I use tracks on stage? Eddie Trunk, how f****** funny is this?”

Bach also harshly criticized Radke when he gave an example from Queen’s 1986 show claiming they were using full tracks in their shows. The singer stated that laptops were not invented in those years and ironically questioned how this legendary band had taken the stage without their help and sarcastically asked whether they should have canceled their show.

Sebastian Bach said the following when Ronnie Radke mentioned Queen:

“Laptops were not invented in 1986, though. You realize that laptops didn’t come around till like 1997, right genius? So then, how did Queen get on the stage? If laptops were not invented, don’t they have to cancel the show? How did this clip happen without laptops? Isn’t that impossible?”

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