Jon Bon Jovi Outshines Wine Giants, But What’s The Challenge He Can’t Ignore?

Besides music, Jon Bon Jovi has built a wine company alongside his son Jessie called Hampton Water. The singer and businessman recently bragged about their wine’s ratings in a recent interview with ‘Vier Flaschen – der Weinpodcast.’ Bon Jovi said:

“It’s bragging because I want to proudly say that Miraval, Minuty, Dominant, and Whispering Angel did not beat us this year, again. So we conducted to have higher ratings than all of them annually, and none of them can say that they had a 90-point rating four years in a row.”

When asked whether it was difficult to create an international brand, the singer replied:

“It’s not easy; I mean, there’s a lot of competition in the marketplace, and we could brag about the ratings, which you know I’d like to often do because our ranking in the wine spectators is higher than every other big brand you know.”

However, Jon also shared that they need to promote Hampton Water to people in various parts of the world. He expressed:

“But we have to go out and talk about the wine, we have to get people to taste the wine, we have to go out and shake the hands of people who influence those who buy the wine, and we’re fully committed to doing that. We’ve done nothing short of waking up in Hamburg and heading to Zilton to be in London by tonight so we can be at tomorrow morning’s meetings.”

Bon Jovi has been committed to the brand from the start. He even talked about what the business meant to him in a 2019 interview with Yahoo Entertainment shortly after the launch of Hampton Water. The rocker said:

“This isn’t a celebrity brand of wine. This is our family business, and the credibility, it means more than anything. We didn’t get into this to make a buck. We really wanted to make sure that we had a business. There were no excuses for it. This is good wine. End of story.”

You can watch Jon Bon Jovi’s interview with ‘Vier Flaschen – der Weinpodcast’ below.