Jon Bon Jovi On Pink’s Collaboration Offer: ‘It Would Be My Honor’


SiriusXM shared a part of Jon Bon Jovi‘s interview including his chat with famous pop singer Pink on its official Youtube channel. During the interview, when Pink asked whether he wanted to team up with her for a project,  Jovi gave an answer that will excite both of the great singers’ fans.

The 2021 Billboard Music Awards took place on May 23, 2021, at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California. The Weeknd was nominated for sixteen awards and he was the ceremony’s winner by receiving ten awards. Pink also accepted the Icon Award from legendary singer Jon Bon Jovi which added a more special meaning for her.

During her speech at the Awards, Pink unveiled that she was a huge fan of Jon Bon Jovi, however, he broke her heart after Jovi announced that she was going to marry Dorothea Hurley when Pink was eight years old. She said that she was too sad that she decided to rip her Bon Jovi poster and replaced it with Skid Row’s Sebastian Bach’s. Then, Bach thanked her when he heard about Pink’s decision.

After the ceremony, Pink and Jon Bon Jovi found a chance to talk with each other once again. During their recent chat, the singer wanted to know if Bon Jovi considered collaborating with her in the future. Jon Bon Jovi responded to her question saying that it will be an honor and he would go to the studio with her without hesitation. His answer made both Pink and their fans quite happy and excited.

Jon Bon Jovi stated in his interview that:

In a nanosecond, snap of a finger. It would be my honor. Absolutely.”

You can watch the video below.