Johnny Marr Explains Why He Wanted To Work With Billie Eilish

During a recent conversation with NME, Johnny Marr revealed what draws him to collaborate with Billie Eilish on the 2020 song ‘No Time to Die.’

The guitarist initially said that he prefers to engage with the wider world in his creative process, feeling that his role is to observe and comment on what’s happening around him rather than just expressing his own inner emotions. Then, when asked if it was one of the reasons why he wanted to work with Eilish, Marr explained:

“It’s interesting with Billie. Like all people who are great, I think she and [brother, collaborator] Finneas could have existed at any time  – so I’ll have to disagree with you there. But her form, her process, her influences, and her sound are extremely modern. That’s why she’s so relatable, particularly to young people, for both boys and girls.”

Marr’s Experience Working With Eilish

Further detailing their time together and his feelings about collaborating with Billie, Johnny continued:

“That’s what great pop stars do. She and her family are just so musical. She can pick up a uke and just write a song like that. It was a pleasure being around Billie and Finneas. It was a very short project, but quite insightful for me.”

Comparing The Cure to Billie

Elsewhere during the chat, Marr talked about his admiration for the Cure and how he finds beauty in what others might consider dark in their music. He then shared what Eilish has in common with the Cure, saying:

“It’s funny, Billie is definitely coming from a similar sensibility but I think it has a similar vibe to it, in a way. A modern version. I can imagine being really into her records when I was 16 or 17.”

Marr’s Praises For Eilish’s Musicianship

After their collaboration, the rocker again spoke to NME in 2020 and shared his thoughts on Billie and her music. He explained:

“Billie’s just the best new, I don’t wanna say pop act, but it’s great when someone that cool is that popular, individual and a lot of people can relate to her. She’s a really good musician, and her family is a really musical family, very soulful. I know a great musician when I see one.”

In other news, Marr released his compilation album, ‘Spirit Power,’ on November 3. It features selected songs from his four albums: ‘The Messenger,’ ‘Playland,’ ‘Call The Comet,’ and the two-part ‘Fever Dreams Pts 1-4.’ It also has two new songs, ‘The Answer’ and ‘Somewhere’, which Marr produced with James Doviak. He also plans to go on tour in 2024 to promote this record.