Brian May Says He Overreacted To Freddie Mercury’s Death

Queen guitarist Brian May reflected on losing Freddie Mercury during a new Q&A session and revealed that he thinks he overreacted to his death by going too far in his grief.

It has been over three decades now since Queen’s lead singer Freddie Mercury passed away due to the complications related to his AIDS. The legendary singer deeply saddened the entire music world and Queen fans with his untimely death. His passing was even more challenging for his remaining bandmates. They took some time to think about what to do afterward and then decided to continue existing in the music world.

Following Mercury’s death, the surviving Queen members started to work on their final album, ‘Made in Heaven.’ The record included vocal and piano parts that Mercury recorded before his death. They took the songs on which Mercury sang and reworked them by adding new instrumentation. Queen’s fifteenth studio album was eventually released on November 6, 1995.

During a recent Q&A session, Brian May reflected on whether revealing his feelings by making this album helped him when he went into working on his solo album, ‘Another World.’ The guitarist explained that it helped as he had to go through this process somehow. He thinks both he and Roger Taylor overreacted to Mercury’s death. They went so far away with their grief that they even denied the band’s existence for a while.

Brian May speaking on his reaction to Freddie Mercury’s passing:

“Yeah, it did help, I think. It was something I had to go through. Me and Roger both, I think, completely overreacted to Freddie’s death, if it’s possible to say that. In other words, we went so far away along the path of trying to forget that we over-grieved and we sort of denied the existence of Queen for a while. I certainly know I did.”

Then, the guitarist also reflected on ‘Made in Heaven’s recording process and said it was both a wonderful and terrible thing to do. It was good to collect all the things they created with the late singer, but it was also extremely tough to listen to his voice all day while he was not there anymore.