John Rzeznik’s Biggest Regret That Cost Goo Goo Dolls Millions Of Dollars

Goo Goo Dolls have been in the rock scene for several decades. However, their kick-off, even before their debut album had hit the shelves in 1987, they signed a record deal with Metal Blade that wronged them until they were set free from the contract.

John and Robbie Takac filed a breach of contract lawsuit against their record label. The suit stated that the members of the Goo Goo Dolls ‘never received one penny in royalties,’ even though the band sold more than two million copies of their fifth studio album, ‘A Boy Named Goo.’

In the end, the band won a nine-month legal battle and freed itself from the Metal Blade contract. However, when guitarist John Rzeznik was asked by Metro in 2021 what was his biggest regret concerning the band. He said:

“I wish I hadn’t signed that first record deal [with Metal Blade] because I wound up having millions of dollars stolen from me. But if I hadn’t signed that deal, I might not have had a chance to make another record.”

Even though John revealed that their ticket into the scene with the Metal Blade was a regret, he admitted in a previous interview that they should have been more careful. The guitarist expressed:

“I don’t blame Metal Blade for taking advantage of the situation. That’s just the nature of the business. If you allow somebody to take advantage of you, then they’re going to. Ultimately it was our fault that we signed that contract.”

Although Rzeznik revealed to Metro that he couldn’t produce an album without the contract, he also shared what he would have done if being in a band hadn’t worked out. He said:

“I’m sure I’d have a cool life and probably be a bartender. Man, being a bartender was my favorite job. You got paid in cash; you had a reason to talk to every pretty girl in the bar and get free drinks after hours.”

You can read John Rzeznik’s 2021 interview with Metro here and listen to ‘A Boy Named Goo’ below.