Ted Nugent Says Robert De Niro Is A Great Actor But A ‘Soulless Asshole’

Ted Nugent slammed famous Hollywood actor Robert De Niro because of his words about Donald Trump during his recent live stream on his official Facebook account. He called De Niro a ‘soulless asshole’ but didn’t forget to praise his incredible talent as an actor.

The feud between actor Robert De Niro and former US President Donald Trump started when the actor shared his thoughts and ideas about Trump before the elections, saying that he’s ‘crazy and ridiculous.’ Then, Trump fired back at him by defining him as ‘a blatantly stupid and bullshit artist.’ De Niro fiercely responded to the president and stated that he’s part of a ‘tragic, dumbass comedy’ by adding ‘F’ck Trump!’

It seems like Trump had no intention to stop arguing with Robert De Niro, whom he called a brain-damaged person, while the ‘Taxi Driver’ star described him as a ‘real racist and a white supremacist’ and highlighted that he’d like to punch him in the face. Following that, as a person who supported Trump’s presidential campaign and visited him in the White House to celebrate his victory, Ted Nugent targeted the actor in one of his chats with his fans.

The Handsome Devil accused De Niro of using too many drugs, which have kept him from the truth, logic, and common sense. Therefore, according to him, the actor could dare attack a person like Donal Trump. He emphasized the Trump administration’s actions against unemployment, possible threats in the borders, and poverty during his presidency. Nugent continued to criticize De Niro and stated that ‘he’s an asshole and soulless shit.’

Here’s what Ted Nugent said:

“Robert De Niro… He lost his mind. What happened to this great actor? How much dope did he smoke to want to punch Donald Trump in the face? I mean, how much bad dope do you have to adjust to punch a man who created the lowest unemployment, secured our borders, got us out all being ripped off by NATO and the Paris Accord, and did everything right, saved us trillions of dollars? Robert De Niro, you are an asshole, a completely brilliant actor but a soulless lump of shit.”

However, Ted Nugent gave credit to Robert De Niro’s acting, which he finds excellent and extraordinary, along with many other movie critics and fans worldwide. It’s not sure whether the actor will respond to the musician’s harsh words about him criticizing Trump.