Ringo Starr Believes Paul McCartney Isn’t A Team Player Like Him

Ringo Starr and his band, the All-Starrs, are right in the middle of their ongoing tour that began on May 19. As reported by Goldmine, amid a busy schedule filled with rehearsals, the band managed to squeeze in a virtual press conference. They discussed a variety of topics, including the differences between being a part of a group and being a solo act like Paul McCartney.

During the press conference, Starr was open about his love for playing in a band. He pointed out that there was something special about the dynamics of a group. The drummer went on to compare his experience with that of McCartney’s solo career, hinting at the distinct set of challenges and rewards each scenario presented.

Former Beatles member explained:

“I need all these great guys behind me to play with me. It’s a band thing. I love being in a band. It’s great because everybody takes the weight. But like Paul, he’s the man, so he has to have time off [on tour] to get himself back together. But we could play every night, I promise you. We could play every night —but Edgar [Winter] needs a day off.”

Starr isn’t the only member of the All-Starrs who enjoys the collective energy of the band. Guitarist Steve Lukather chimed in during the conversation, expressing how much he enjoyed playing Ringo’s music with the band when he was asked about the pieces they played.

His words went as follows:

“This is Ringo’s band, and we play the hits, and we play his music. I have more fun playing their stuff than mine; I can tell you that for sure. Plus, playing all the great Ringo hits and Beatles stuff never gets old. This is not work. This is a vacation, as far as I’m concerned. … We have our own sound playing everybody’s material.”

Ringo Starr and His All-Starr Band press on with their spring tour set to wrap up on June 17. Then, the band plans to take a two-month break before kicking off their fall tour on September 17.