John Mellencamp Reflects On Bruce Springsteen And Bob Dylan Selling Their Music Catalogs

During a recent interview with Billboard, John Mellencamp reflected on Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan’s decision to sell their entire catalog. Mellencamp said that he finds it logical because leaving the songs to the heirs greatly burdens them.

In his latest album, ‘Strictly a One-Eyed Jack,’ John Mellencamp did a great collaboration with Bruce Springsteen, with whom he has had a long-term friendship. The two teamed up for three songs in the album and recorded a duet for the album’s lead single, ‘Wasted Days.’ Springsteen played guitar and contributed to the back vocals for the album’s third single, ‘Did You Say Such a Thing,’ and lastly, he again contributed guitar but no vocals to the album’s closing track.

Mellencamp has also been good friends with Bob Dylan. The two previously co-headlined numerous shows together, and Mellencamp is really fond of singing his songs as he covered some of them in the past. During the interview, Mellencamp noted that he is an admirer of both Springsteen and Dylan. He also added that he is happy that he has a close relationship with both of them. Then, he was reminded of their recent business deals to sell their song catalogs.

John Mellencamp revealed that he also received a few offers, but he hasn’t made a deal yet. He approaches this issue very positively and supports their decisions. For Mellencamp, when they leave their songs to their kids, it can become an enormous burden because they don’t know what to do with the songs. However, he thinks that it makes more sense to leave them money so that they will know what to do with it.

John Mellencamp’s statements on selling song catalogs:

“That doesn’t mean I won’t. My opinion is it’s a good idea to do that because if you leave it to your heirs, it’s just going to cause trouble. If you leave them money, they’ll know what to do with that. But they’re not going to know what to do with songs, you know? Only Bob Dylan knows what to do with Bob Dylan songs. Only Bruce knows what to do with his songs. I mean, he’s got one kid who’s a fireman; how’s he going to know.

‘Should we allow this to be in this movie’ or whatever. They don’t know. It’s a big burden to put on your kids, and I think it’s very fortunate that these guys can sell like that. At one point it was so important to have ‘legitimacy,’ being in a rock band. Now it doesn’t seem to mean as much. I mean, whoever thought these songs would be around this long and have this kind of value? I sure didn’t.”

You can listen to John Mellencamp’s recent album below.