Dee Snider Recalls Alice Cooper Sending Him A Dozen Black Roses

Twisted Sister icon Dee Snider posted a tweet in which he remembered the time when Alice Cooper made an unusual gesture for him.

Back when he was young, Dee Snider was heavily influenced by Alice Cooper who he thought was speaking to him with his lyrics. However, Alice Cooper was not a musician easily liked by many at the time due to his shocking stage shows and violent stage theatrics which included props such as torture tools, and blood and gore.

In the 1980s, Cooper fell into the spiral of substance abuse, which caused him not to remember recording the albums from the beginning of the era. His alcohol and drug abuse were quite serious to an extent that it took a heavy toll on his musical career and his public image. However, it seems Dee Snider was still there for Cooper.

Recently, a fan of Snider asked him the time when Alice Cooper became his hero in a tweet. As a response, Snider said he began seeing the rock icon as his hero in the very early 1970s. Moreover, another fan asked him to reveal the first time they met. Upon seeing this, Snider recalled the time when Twisted Sister was in decline.

Following the release of ‘Come Out And Play’ and MTV not airing the music video of ‘Be Chrool To Your Scuel’ which also featured Alice Cooper, Twisted Sister began to lose their popularity. According to Snider, he showed his love for Cooper dearly at that time, and Cooper sent him a dozen of black roses to thank him, saying he wanted to meet him in person.

One of the fans asked Dee Snider the following:

“How did you meet?”

Dee Snider then responded:

“When Twisted Sister broke in ’84, I was very outspoken about my love for Alice Cooper. This was a time when Alice was not really in favor. He sent me a dozen black roses, thanking me for my kind words & saying he wanted to meet…and that’s how I met one of the biggest heroes!”

You can check out Snider’s tweet below.