David Crosby Recalls How George Harrison Rejected Crosby, Stills & Nash


David Crosby recently posted a tweet in which he recalled the time the Beatles’ George Harrison rejected Crosby, Stills & Nash. Moreover, the musician said this move had surprised them as well at that time.

Back in 1968, the Beatles founded a multimedia corporation named Apple Corps, and shortly afterward, they founded Apple Records as a division of Apple Corps. Although it ended up with a series of unsuccessful projects, several artists achieved considerable success in the music world after their sessions at Apple Records.

In 1968, Crosby, Stills & Nash were also during their formation period. At that time, David Crosby, Graham Nash, and Stephen Stills jammed together and realized they had good chemistry. The trio then traveled to London in early 1969 to rehearse with Apple Records. However, it turned out to be an unsuccessful audition.

Recently, a Twitter user unearthed a photo of Crosby and George Harrison together. Following that, one of Crosby’s followers stated that CSN once recorded some material for Harrison at Apple before signing their Atlantic Records contract, and Harrison rejected them. He then argued Harrison must’ve been having a bad day to make this decision.

Upon seeing this tweet, Crosby responded, saying they didn’t record for them, and it was instead a live audition. He then argued that Apple passed a No. 1 record there, and they must’ve regretted it later. Another fan asked Crosby how they performed during the audition, and the musician said they were good.

Following that, one of his fans also told Crosby he can’t imagine someone deciding to pass after hearing the song ‘Suite: Judy Blue Eyes’ at a live audition. David Crosby reacted to this by saying this decision surprised them as well.

One of David Crosby’s fans stated:

“I think Crosby, Stills & Nash recorded some material for Harrison at Apple before they got their Atlantic Records contract, and George rejected them. CSN is not good enough? George must have been having a bad day.

Crosby responded:

“Did not record for them. [It was a] live audition, [we] sang the whole first record in London to George and Peter Asher. Apple passed on a number one record there. Well, everybody makes mistakes. Bet they regretted it later.”

Another fan asked the musician the following:

“How were the nerves for that audition?”

Crosby said:

“We were fine. We had been singing all the songs for a while, and we were good.

A fan also added:

“Wow… I can’t imagine someone hearing ‘Suite: Judy Blue Eyes’ at a live audition and deciding to pass.”

As a response, Crosby said:

Surprised us too.

You can check out the tweets below.