Avril Lavigne Updates Fans On Her Upcoming Record, ‘I’m Ready On My End’

The Canadian pop-punk singer, Avril Lavigne, recently received a message from a Swedish fan page considering the release date of her album, to which she responded by saying that she’s just waiting for the others as she’s done on her part.

The Queen of Pop Punk is one of the most loved musicians of the 21st century. She has sold over 35 million albums and 25 million singles all over the world, and she has a massive fan base. Back in 2014, she had scared all her loved ones when she contracted Lyme disease and was bedridden for five months.

During that time, she held dearly on music and released her sixth studio album ‘Head Above Water‘ in 2018. Although she hadn’t been doing much for the past three years she did a great come back with ‘Flames‘ in collaboration with Mod Sun which was released on January 22.

Following that, she announced that she’s finished recording her new album while saying that she has so much energy and material that she could easily record another one. However, it’s been months and Lavigne has still not revealed the release date of her seventh album.

Unable to stop their curiosity, a Swedish fan page messaged Avril and asked her for some details. Lavigne said that her new album ‘is supposed to come out this year‘ and that she’s done her part and is now waiting for the record label and team to set everything up. This message really excited her fans who cannot wait to get a new Avril record.

Here’s the message that Avril Lavigne sent to a fan account:

“My stuff is supposed to come out this year and I am just getting the record label set up and the team set up. I am ready on my end.”

You can check out the screenshot posted by the Swedish Fanpage below and have a listen at ‘Flames‘ while waiting for the Queen of Pop Punk’s new album.