Disturbed’s Dan Donegan Targets Cardi B To Reflect Cancel Culture Hypocrisy

Cancel culture continues to ignite discussions about whether or not the public has the right to target a celebrity for their unethical behaviors, including sexism. The rock world has received many attacks regarding this matter, and based on his recent conversation with Loudwire Weekends, Disturbed’s Dan Donegan has been infuriated by this phenomenon because he thinks it favors women more than men.

Dan recently spoke about how people wanted to cancel John Wayne in the 21st century because of something sexist he uttered in an interview in the 1970s. He also mentioned the classic holiday tune, ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside,’ which many have claimed suggests sexual harassment. Then, he indicated that this culture favors women because while the public was trying to cancel a deceased man and a holiday jingle, they carried female rapper Cardi B’s sexual song to the top of the charts.

“At the same time that was happening, [Cardi B] had the song ‘Wet Ass P*ssy (WAP)’ at number 1 in the country” pointed out the guitarist. “And I was like, that’s a little hypocritical. You know? Cancel one song because they thought it might suggest some innuendos in the song of forcing yourself on a woman because it’s cold outside and he’s not gonna leave in a snowstorm.”

The Disturbed member added, “But on the other hand, she could sing about ‘Wet Ass P*ssy,’ and it’s the number 1 song in the country. I just don’t get the whole contradiction of that.” He concluded, “Everybody gets butt hurt and offended; that’s not for me… I think it’s ok to have a difference of opinions, enough of the temper tantrums.”

Cardi B.’s ‘WAP’ was a highly controversial song as most people believed it to be a feminist anthem, while others didn’t like the explicitness of the lyrics. The rapper’s confidence in releasing the hit was encouraged by society’s normalization of male artists singing or rapping about women’s bodies and sexual intercourse. In her case, why would a woman rapping about her own sex not be acceptable?

The hypocrisy that Disturbed’s guitarist spoke about in the cancel culture might be infuriating, especially for creative artists enjoying their freedom of speech and the right to create whatever they want. Society will always have opinions regarding a piece of art; unfortunately, silencing them also violates freedom of speech.