Tony Iommi Reflects On Working With Ozzy Osbourne

Tony Iommi and his ex-bandmate Ozzy Osbourne crossed paths again in 2022, and Iommi contributed two songs to Prince of Darkness’ new album. In his new year’s message on Youtube, he talked about what it was like to work with Osbourne while giving some details about how his year was and expressing his excitement for 2023.

“I’ve done two tracks for Ozzy’s album, which I really enjoyed doing,” the guitarist said, mentioning his collab with Osbourne. “I wrote it at home and sent it to him, and he liked it. And I played on another track, and got a Grammy nomination for it, which was very pleasing. So we’ll see what happens; if we do get a Grammy in February. We’ll see.”

Patient No. 9’ was released in September of 2022. Iommi’s name can be seen in ‘No Escape From Now’ and ‘Degradation Rules.’ However, Tony Iommy was not the only one to have contributed to the record. The credits section looks like the Champions League, as we can hear the contribution of many more names: Robert Trujillo, Chad Smith, and even Taylor Hawkins. The lead single and title song, ‘Patient Number 9,’ also featured Jeff Beck, and the list is getting longer.

The Prince of Darkness had already announced that he started working on this follow-up just days after his previous album, ‘Ordinary Man’ had come out. Within two years, the album was dropped. The duo, who had already worked together for Black Sabbath, got to know each other really well musically, so the songs turned out very well. Osbourne had once described Iommi as ‘master of riffs,’ and when you listen to the songs, you will see that, without a doubt, Iommi deserves it to the fullest.